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She Walks in the Beauty
June 04, 2015 04:56 AM PDT
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A song attempt with a partial capo
RoughMix 157 - Table for Two Live
March 18, 2014 02:45 PM PDT
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I performed the title live and it sits here.
RoughMix 156 - Jericho Drafts
May 13, 2011 01:26 AM PDT
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A few days ago I was asked to write a song for a church service about Joshua 6. This episode has me recording the bits and pieces as I worked on them - in all 4 clips. Next time I will put it all together - but now you get to hear the dirty roughs complete with missed notes and bad rhymes. Enjoy!
RoughMix 155 - He's Not Here
October 31, 2010 08:14 AM PDT
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The mandolin is new about a week old, and I do not know how to play yet. But this was a way to get a new entry point into a song and that is what I do as I created this very raw tune "He's Not Here" Contact me at nlnnet+ruffmix@gmail.com
RoughMix 154 - Tool of the trade
October 01, 2010 06:05 AM PDT
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This episode has me playing with a unique capo which allows each string to be pressed individually, and I use it to replicate a DADGBD tuning without tuning (granted the key is different, but you will get the idea...) I find that mixing things up gives good creativity and that is what this episode is dedicated to!
RoughMix 153 - Camille's Song
July 16, 2010 06:49 AM PDT
I am to be the proud godfather of the lovely Camille and her parents chose for her dedication the verse Psalm 91:11 The dedication is taking place in a German church so the song is is German (as is the mom as well.) The dad is French, but as I do not speak French I am not even going there - it is stretch enough for me to write in German! In this episode I went to the Bible itself and decided to take the exact words and use them, and ony them in the song. But this still left me with the abiltity to arrange the words as need for the musical beat, and this is what I did. This time around I did not record the first attempts at the song. I did not have anything with me to record it, but what you hear here is the third generation. (I even asked my daughter to listen to the 2nd gen so that at least two of us would have heard it in case I forgot something - it would not have helped at all, but fortunately I was able to remember the tune - it somehow sat in my head. What is a first in this version is the very last bit where the name of my godchild is sung - I was hoping to find a way to make this more personal and this is is how it now stands. I hope you like it, but more important to me is that the family finds it as I intended it - a song to accompany the child into her adulthood! Just a note - I am finding the podcast host I am working with to be too expensive so I am slowly moving archives off to other sites. Do not be surprised if you no longer find all of the episodes on this site / feed. I have given several alternative ways. Thanks so much for stopping by!
RoughMix 152 - Kommt Herzu
April 28, 2010 04:45 AM PDT
I was asked to write a song for a church service. I asked about the main theme of course and it turned out to be Psalm 95:1-7 OK I thought I can do this. Then I had the single idea to make the first verse into a refrain and the following verses into one time thoughts. The idea is to support the sermon about the text before it even gets preached. It happens this upcoming Sunday so I am not sure how it will happen I used the Luther Bible for the German text (no copyright problems). I speak German but writing songs in German is still not easy for me. What is posted here is the rough video I sent to other musicians who will be working with me on this Sunday. If you use this tune in any churches please let me know. I welcome it, but it would be great to know! Enjoy!
RoughMix 151 - Tuning Stress
January 16, 2010 07:22 AM PST
Due to costs this episode is now to be found here: http://www.mediafire.com/?2zywar6t3lcx186 When I change my strings, I usually tune them loose and then play "hard" for about 5 minutes to help them keep in tune later. This time around I did so and recorded what I did using the built in webcam on my Dell Studio laptop Playing hard to get the new guitar strings to stretch before finally tuning up is a process I almost always use - but ESPECIALLY when I waited too long to make the change before a public performance. I do not want bad tuning every 5 minutes. This usually pre-emptively solves the problem
RoughMix 150 - 2 Thieves
November 16, 2009 08:08 AM PST
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This tune is a prequel to a Tune I have written called "Father Forgive". The deal here is to use what has been previously written as a tool to help spawn a new piece of music. I hope it works! You can follow my TwitterFeed at http://twitter.com/nlnnet
RoughMix 149 - Breathy
October 09, 2009 01:33 AM PDT
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After months of international travel, a dead computer upon return RoughMix has been on hiatus for awhile, but we are back never having intended on being away for so long This episode takes a vocal effect and uses it to determine the rough. I also employ some slapping and some harmonics as I play on my Fender acoustic

Everything is being created live and I am just capturing whatever appears.

SHOUTS: Special hellos to listeners in: Vimont, Quebec (near Parc de Naples); Seattle, WA USA; Eskisehir, Turkey; near Peabody, KS USA; Moskva, Russia; Guangzhou and Shenzen, China

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